Integrated Digital Marketing

As 2020 progresses the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, PPC, AdWords and more is going to witness a dramatic shift. There are the latest digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected digital era and there is an urgent need to use them to be more successful. The following are key digital marketing trends that are likely to take prominence in 2020 in addition to other features that are generally used across the online space. Innovantes has ensured that there are sufficient resources available to fully meet the demands generated by the key web-based digital marketing trends of 2020, as the leading digital marketing company catering to a global clientele.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen a significant increase in usage across applications being developed in the world nowadays. AI has the potential to analyze consumer behaviour and search patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services. The businesses adopting AI in 2020 are likely to save costs and accelerate growth, beating the competitors in the process.


The dominance of Custom Developed Marketing Bots

Automation trends are likely to see significant growth as a powerful tool for digital marketing in 2020 in addition to gaining popularity. Marketing bots can perform unique and complex activities across the web and enable direct communication with customers. They ensure every single task is extremely simple for the web user. These can be put to significant usage to enhance enterprises' digital marketing strategies including conducting research, communicating, organizing a whole team, ensure automation of the messaging platform to increase online engagement. The biggest advantage of bots is that there is a significant boost in the conversion rate post increased click-through rate of a website. One of the most popular categories is chatbots that interact with the customers throughout the day and the night being responsive for 24 hours 7 days a week. The key advantage of virtual assistance is that the response is prompt and fast compared to the manual response. The technology is equipped to recall everything that happened in the past and perform required tasks perfectly even if endless repetition is required.


Maturity in Personalized Marketing

A more customized approach is going to see a major boost for every single user in 2020. Continuous and accurate research on customer behavior, including predictive analytics and reporting, helps create a set of features defining the real identity and the motive of helping create personalized content for a select audience. A well-researched interaction with the users results in key advantages including an increase in the rate of subscriptions, enhanced visits, and new user growth, ensuring customers are extremely happy and satiated, enhanced click-through rate, increased trustworthiness, and strong bonding with the user by virtue of increased loyalty factor. Email marketing is likely to see a change with the introduction of personalized messages. 

The end result is that the recipients have a delightful feeling that they are being approached with a considerate and personal sense of feeling. The outcome is an improved user engagement and above-average conversion rates ultimately resulting in enhanced ROI and brand reputation. 


Visual Search to See Significant Growth

This is the time that advanced web-based applications with the feature of visual search are going to define the way people do the search. It is worth it to mention the introduction of Google Lens from Google, which helps refine the visual search. People have additional options that are continuously evolving the way information and data are searched, and this introduction will shape the way of the future way of search. In the case of visual search, Pinterest, Github, Camfind are just some of the namesongst various technologies that are getting to the peak with lots of search options. Users are likely to find these features much more valuable as online shopping, price and image comparison is made much simpler. Digital marketing, especially Search Engine Optimization, with new tactics is certain to bring about a major success of visual search campaigns. By incorporating these new features there is a likelihood of an enhanced rate of conversion of the targeted audience.


Enhanced Influence of Video

With high-end platforms being developed like Netflix, YouTube,azon Prime Video, Facebook Live, video is another big trend online that is sure to witness exponential growth in 2020.
Traditional content that people used to watch on television is now going to be easily accessible via smart devices at the touch of fingertips. According to a reputed analyst reports 82 percent of internet traffic is going to be via video by 2021, no wonder possible strong growth of this platform is 2020 itself. Video is now the new medium of communication adopted by leading business houses for marketing and promotion of products and services across the target audience. 


Voice Search Directed for Significant Growth

The advances made in recent times in the fields of natural language processing, automation, and machine learning have enabled virtual assistants to be very intelligent and useful in sharing information and responses. A prominent and significant number of searches performed on leading search engines including Google every day are voice-based searches now, with personal assistant devices leading the way. Hence, tailoring the SEO strategy for voice search is a crucial and important task to be achieved in 2020. One of the initiatives to be taken to achieve this is by making your search phrases more conversational and less complex. Just research and foresee what the customers might speak, rather than type while making a query. It will also be useful to start writing in a more conversational tone to ensure that the resulting content better aligns with voice search to make more users leverage this feature.


Growth of Social Media and Personalized Marketing 

Consumers nowadays are more concerned with personalization than ever before and this trend is also going to see significant growth in 2020. When it comes to connecting with brands, consumers realize that showcasing personalized information is one of those little things that matter for increased online visits and click-through rates. No wonder taking the extra step to personalize emails can result in more loyal customers and achieving strategic objectives. While creating a personalized email marketing campaign, it is advisable to do the following:

• Create specific emails based on demographic profile and diverse market segments

• Choose to promote products and services that are of value and interest for customers

• Craft crisp and enticing content that is more memorable and impactful 

Not only emails are going to become more personal, but more businesses are also going to focus on making emails and personalized information more accessible across all handheld devices. Ensuring that the email content is personalized and optimized is of significant importance for generating leads and capitalizing on the ever-growing highly mobile market. Also, Social media related content promotion is likely to see exponential growth, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or other leading social media related platforms 2020 is definitely going to witness major growth in the usage of these platforms for prominent activities across the online digital world.


Increase in AdWords for Branding and Lead Generation

Digital marketing is going to see a growth in marketing budgets via AdWords and PPC in 2020 compared to what was doled out in the past on online marketing. Search advertising revenue has been marching up for last few years and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. To put it plainly, search ads ensure valuable results for the enterprises and business houses when managed with proper planning. For the enterprises, the time is ripe to get a PPC agency to create an effective AdWords strategy. With the right planning, oversight, and optimization, the AdWords are sure to become an ROI machine, and investing major marketing budget on this feature is sure to produce productive results.