How AI Helps Improve Customer Experience

B2B eCommerce has rapidly developed over the past few years, AND 2021 IS NO exception. WITH the Covid-19 pandemic, NEW B2B trends have emerged, AND eCommerce has rapidly transformed. 

WITH the NEW technologies evolving, AI IS receiving attention FROM B2B eCommerce companies. Research BY Deloitte shows 73% of AI adopters believe it IS a crucial part of business today. 

Let us discuss how AI improves customer experience. 

Personalized AI-Powered Chatbots

AI chatbots are NOT limited TO rule-based conversations. WITH the HELP of ML, AI-powered Chabot can now understand customers’ context AND carry a FULL conversation WITH them. 

AI chatbots have evolved exponentially over the past few years. Instead of a multi-step PROCESS, AI-powered chatbots guide customers through personalized responses. 

AI has evolved TO a POINT WHERE it can understand customers’ LANGUAGE, sentiments, AND emotions, which chatbots understand, providing a personalized experience.  

The combination of AI AND ML gathers information AND analyses social behaviors TO understand its customers better. AI continuously keeps evolving AND improving FROM DATA analysis AND predicting customer behavior. 

REAL-TIME Decisioning AND Predictive Behaviour Analysis

AI can make REAL-TIME decisions based ON the recent DATA AND customer interaction WITH nearly zero latency. It helps businesses TO market more efficiently. 

AI helps customers WITH personalized recommendations which are relevant TO the customer. USING AI AND REAL-TIME decisioning helps understand customers’ intentions through DATA analysis. AI can offer relevant content AND offers TO the customer BY USING REAL-TIME data.

ON the other hand, Predictive AI refers TO working ON statistics, DATA mining, AND modeling TO make predictions. AI can ANALYZE a large amount of DATA quickly; it can provide actionable insights IN REAL-TIME TO guide interaction BETWEEN the customer AND a brand. 

Predictive AI can go through historical DATA, providing deeper insights AND increasing sales BY suggesting relevant products TO the customer. 

Hyper-Personalization FOR Retail Websites

Retailers AND eCommerce companies USE AI TO improve the personalized ONLINE experience of the customers. The PRIMARY goal of AI IS TO display relevant products AND offers based ON customers purchasing history AND preferences.

AI helps TO improve customer experience IN different ways:

  • Improve Purchasing Recommendations: BY studying customers' preferences and purchasing behavior, AI recommends more relevant products to up-sell. 
  • SHARE Content IN REAL-TIME: WHILE customers visit the website, AI can HELP push content AND more relevant offers BY studying their pattern AND behavior ON the website. 
  • Increase Conversion Rate: AI MODIFIES product page AND shopping cart TO emphasize customers take ACTION most appropriate TO the current user.

AI Empowers customers TO get 24/7 Support.

There are numerous channels OR platforms WHERE customers expect TO receive support quickly. Your human support team might be expensive AND hard TO solve queries around-the-clock. 

AI helps companies scale support across emails, calls, SMS, AND voice platforms. It helps customers get the support needed ON their SPECIFIC queries AND preferred channels.

AI IS cost-effective TO provide an omnichannel experience that customer expectations, i.e., personalized, meaningful, AND quickly. 

AI Increases Sales Conversions

Investing IN AI chatbots can surely reap the rewards BY providing quality leads. The AI chatbots FOR lead generations can achieve the intended targets of your business. 

AI helps automate booking appointments AND helps customers book appointments quickly through websites OR apps. It also helps place orders, be it food, groceries, OR anything ELSE, TO improve hassle-free sales. 

AI asks multiple questions AND engages WITH the visitors BY providing multiple options. The visitors can SELECT relevant OPTIONS AND order OR book anything. 


AI IS the driving FORCE TO enhance customer experience AND more sales FOR your business. Rather THAN being reluctant IN embracing the trend, you need TO USE it AS a competitive advantage AND make it a part of conversational experiences. 

Companies need TO consider the opportunity of AI now AND invent business capabilities FOR unprecedented growth, sales, AND sustainability. 

Business leaders must adopt AI strategies AND build a successful future TO compete.