Case Study

Improving the reporting mechanism of staff training and evaluations though a technology backed solution

The Client

A leading learning management consultancy working for a Japanese automobile major.

The Problem Areas

The client had a team of IFTs tasked to train and evaluate the staff deployed at their auto dealerships across India. They used to conduct evaluations on excel sheets and send it to the HQs for consolidation and reporting. The time taken to prepare the reports was too long and prone to manual errors. Moreover, real-time information was never available with the management and the process to analyze the reports manually was too time consuming.
The leadership wanted to review the reports twice a month but that was never possible due to lack of updated data and the time taken to prepare the reports.
The client had an in-house IT team but did not have expertise on mobile platforms and use of analytical tools to undertake this project.
An existing client of Innovantes referred them to us for developing a completely automated mobile based evaluation tool and a reporting dashboard.

The Challenge

Some of the client’s auto dealerships were in areas with poor internet connectivity. So, the requirement was to have a solution which was cloud based but could be used offline as well.
Designing a hybrid system which could work on the cloud and offline and at the same time maintain data consistency was a challenging task.

The Approach

The end-user of the app was going to be the IFTs who had to evaluate the dealership staff. It was important to understand the way the trainings and evaluations were being conducted so as to make the UX as smooth as possible.
The dashboard which was being prepared using excel sheets had too many redundancies and the correct metrics were not being shown appropriately.
Different dimensions impacting the business were studies and a complete review of the dashboard was undertaken to select the right metrics- National, Regional and Dealer wise drill down, Sales and After Sales comparison, Month wise trend analysis on the individual evaluation metrics, Planned vs. Actual utilization etc.
A new formula was derived to calculate the employee score at end of the evaluation.

The Solution

Mobile Apps on iOS and Android with a reporting dashboard.
The Innovantes team identified the appropriate resources and converted the idea into a real time reporting platform using Microsoft Xamarin and ASP.NET. The IFTs were able to evaluate the staff and the data was uploaded to the server in real time. In absence of internet connectivity, the mobile app worked offline using SQL Lite DB and synched up with the cloud based system on receiving internet connectivity. A set of APIs were designed to fetch and transfer the data securely.

A robust platform was delivered with the following functionalities:

  • Hybrid operation- Combination of cloud based and offline
  • Structured database libraries
  • Visit Reporting
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Real time Analytics and Past Performance Snapshots
  • Attendance & Leave Management


  • Various dashboards were rolled out which represented performance at different levels such as national, region, sub-region, dealership etc. in a user friendly manner
  • Dashboard also captured performance for each parameter and sub parameter at different levels.
  • Multiple access levels were created for the dashboard access

The Impact

Huge Cost Savings and Increased Process Efficiency

  • The system developed by Innovantes ensured complete automation of the training and evaluation processes, thus, leading to a substantial increase in efficiency.
  • The app facilitated IFTs to publish their reports in real time basis, leading to huge cost savings of about
  • Enabled the client to make modifications to the training content on a regular basis.

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