Case Study

Developing a mobile based B2B and B2C technology solution for a leading diagnostics chain in India

The Client

leading diagnostics and pathology chain in India.

The Task

The client had a sizeable presence in B2C diagnostics and pathology segment in Northern India, and wanted to quickly expand using a new business model. The core to the business model was a strong mobile based technology backbone which it could use to on board the business partners successfully and start B2B and B2C operations in the least possible time.
The client had an in-house IT team but did not have the expertise to undertake a project of this size and complexity.
This was an existing client of Innovantes, and having worked with us in the past, was impressed with our expertise and domain knowledge of their industry and approached us for developing the complete solution.

The Challenge

The Client wanted a single solution for B2B and B2C users with multiple logins and access levels. The complete solution including the LIS integration had to be completed in a tight schedule of 60 days.

The Solution

A Web and Mobile based solution- iOS and Android for B2B and B2C users
The end to end process was completely automated with no manual interventions; right from sample booking by the consumers, sample collection by the phlebotomists, accessioning of samples in the LIS to reporting and feedback management, the complete workflow was automated. We used Microsoft Xamarin and ASP.NET along with SQL Lite Database for the app.

A robust native mobile based platform on iOS and Android was delivered with the following functionalities:

  • Home Collection Booking of samples by consumers
  • Allocation to the nearest center and phlebotomists using predefined algorithms
  • LIS Integration- For Accessioning and Reporting
  • Scheduling of Phlebotomists
  • Logins for B2B partners and phlebotomists with multiple access levels
  • Reporting module
  • Real Time Analytics and Alerts
  • Feedback Management
  • Dashboard for Leadership to get a real time overview

The Impact

  • Improved process efficiencies
  • Complete automation of the workflow with no manual intervention resulting in Zero errors
  • Reduction in time to start operations in a new area from 3 days to 1 hour
  • Reduction of 100% in the man hours spent on allocating collections to phlebotomists
  • Improved user experience with 50% reduction in paper usage by automating the reporting module.

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