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Artificial Intelligence is resetting the bar at the next levels at which the human-machine interactions will work. The rise of social media, cloud, IoT and advances in machine learning and natural language processing means the way consumers interact with the brand in the future will be radically different than today.

AI is playing a pivotal role in transforming businesses by creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. As most incumbent organizations across the world transform to latch upon the opportunities created by the digital disruption, they are powering this transformation by leveraging AI with Analytics and Machine Learning to become smart data driven intelligent enterprises.

With deep domain expertise and a strong team of data scientists and engineers, Innovantes can help your organization to achieve business objectives through:

  • AI Strategy and Consulting
  • Leveraging the power of conversational voice-based interfaces like Siri, Google,Cortana etc.
  • Developing applications on the top of pre-built cognitive solutions like image and facial recognition, voice recognition, etc.

Chat bots


Leverage the power of conversational voice-based interfaces like Siri, Google, Cortana, & Alexa to unleash conversational mobile moments.

Smart Search

Smart Search

Make use of advances in neural networks and ML by offering voice and image-based search to your users.

Omnichannel personalized experiences

Omnichannel personalized solutions

Allow customers to seamlessly engage across all touch points by delivering a data-backed omnichannel experience.


How AI has Revolutionized Digital Marketing

AI or Artificial intelligence has brought in the newest digital disruption. Its features of personalizing digital solutions have changed everything digital as we knew them. AI is used to analyze the collected data and then mould the services according to that informat...

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